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Add Performance and Security to Your Business with Ruckus Networks


A Better-Built Infrastructure Keeps You Productive and Flexible 

Today's business requires secure and flexible connectivity, whether it is to provide services or improve productivity. To have this uncompromised support and communication, you need the expertise of a premier network installation company. 

While the essential components such as wireless routers, managed switches, and cabling are available from your consumer electronics store, that does not assure reliability. Our know-how and experience in installing Ruckus networks for high-performing businesses like yours will guarantee higher speeds and safer communication. 

Are you ready to step up your Cedar Rapids, IA company's data infrastructure? Keep reading to see how! 

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Commercial-Grade Networking for Your Quad Cities Business


Take Your Wi-Fi to the Next Level with a Network Upgrade

From offices to restaurants, all businesses today rely on stable, speedy internet connections. So whether you’re processing credit cards or hosting teleconferences with important clients, your business’s internet must be running well during the workday.

So, what do you do if your staff continually complains of slow or troublesome Wi-Fi? Maybe you even invested in a mesh network and still find your internet is not up to par. What can be done?

You may not be using the right hardware or network solutions! Below, we’ll share how we install commercial networking in businesses across the Quad Cities—and the difference it makes.

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When Restarting the Router Isn’t Enough: Fixing Your Home Network


Your Guide to Wi-Fi, Hardwiring, and Building a Better Network

The way people talk about their home network, you’d think it has a mind of its own. “The Wi-Fi’s being weird today,” one might say. Or: “Just wait for it to come back on.”

Many homeowners are perplexed as to why their internet connection suffers. We think that if we just restart the router and pause the movie, it will figure itself out.

And yes, sometimes restarting the router is enough. If the network is overcrowded and lacks proper bandwidth, the system may have stalled. But what if you’re repeatedly running into problems?

If it feels like your internet is never working, there’s a tangible solution out there. It might not be the fix you expected, but there are always ways to build a more stable, secure home network. As home networking professionals based in Cedar Rapids, IA, we’ll share our tried-and-true Wi-Fi advice below.

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Can Your Home Network Handle the Demands of All Your Technology?


Learn How Reference AVS Can Fortify the Network of Your Home

Technology has accelerated the speed of modern living. Music, movies, and TV shows should play immediately when you access a streaming service. International video chats should function without any lag. Websites should load within seconds, whether they're accessed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. There are a lot of expectations for technology, and you need a powerful home network to make sure everything is running smoothly.

A wired or wireless network is the central nervous system for all communication between your electronics, smart appliances, and the Internet, and your network must be designed for today’s uses while being able to handle new technology in the future. Read on to find out about common network issues, and how Reference Audio Video & Security can improve your lifestyle with a fortified network for your Iowa City home.

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