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Why Aren’t You Seeing Full 4K on Every Screen?

What You Need to Know About Home Audio Video Distribution

Why Aren’t You Seeing Full 4K on Every Screen?

If you have a large home in Des Moines, IA, you probably have multiple TVs and speakers throughout so you can enjoy your favorite movies and music in any room.

You may even have a home audio video distribution system, so you can enjoy everything with centralized controls.

But did you know you may not be receiving optimal signal in every area of your home?

If you think you’re not receiving true 4K or lossless audio in every room, this is the blog for you.

In it, we’ll explore why you may be lacking the right signal and how you can fix it.

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What Causes Poor Signal?

So you’ve purchased a 4K video server, a 4K TV and even upgraded your physical media with 4K Blu-rays.

And in fact, you may be seeing crisp 4K images down in your home theater.

But for some reason when you go upstairs to bed, you’re seeing less than the optimal picture.

What’s causing this deterioration?

The answer may be a low-bandwidth network. Your network connects each of the smart devices throughout your home. And if you have too many devices, it can impact connectivity.

In addition, the 4K signal takes a lot of bandwidth. Nearly four times that of 1080p HD.

So how do you ensure a robust 4K signal reaches every room in your home?

Enhancing Bandwidth

The answer, in part, may lay in your cabling.

Simply put, most copper-based solutions are not good at offering high-bandwidth over a large space.

However, in smaller areas, they can work just fine.

That’s why you may see perfect 4K in your home theater, where everything is connected with HDMI 2.0 or higher cables. But if you want to reach your bedroom, you’re going to need something else.

In many cases, fiber-optic cables work well. They’re capable of sending 4K signals up to 300 feet.

Many commercial AV distribution systems use fiber-optics to provide the level of coverage they need.

The best part? Fiber-optics offer enough bandwidth that you can stream both 4K signal and lossless audio simultaneously.

That means just about everyone in your home can enjoy their favorite entertainment the way it was meant to be seen, without putting a strain on your network.

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