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How Lighting Control Systems Help You Redefine Your Lifestyle

A luxury bedroom with different layers of lighting design.

Discover What Luxury, Comfort, and Convenience Are Like with This Solution!

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to smart home solutions. These innovative technologies emerge as a force of transformation, making your living spaces more dynamic and inviting. Lighting technologies are a perfect example of the above, as their purpose now goes beyond keeping your home illuminated at night; with lighting control systems, their basic function has become an art form. It is now a way to enhance your home’s beauty, keep your family’s comfort, and redefine your living spaces. 

This blog explores the unique features a lighting control system can bring to your home and how it can help you boost your lifestyle, whether you live in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, or anywhere else in eastern Iowa. Keep reading to find out all the ways these solutions can elevate your home!

Harnessing J Geiger Shades for Enhanced Spaces

A row of J Geiger motorized window treatments lowered slightly.

Make the Most of Your Motorized Window Treatments from a Trusted Brand

Motorized shades can transform any space with just the tap of a button. One shading brand that effortlessly elevates its surroundings is J Geiger, renowned for its avant-garde shades that redefine the concept of motorized window treatments.

Whether for commercial or residential settings, the installation of J Geiger shades not only adds a touch of sophistication but also brings forth endless benefits. From Cedar Rapids to Davenport, IA, and surrounding areas, you can reshape your spaces with stunning solutions that set the standard for automated shading.

Discover Winter Protection with an Upgraded Security Camera System

hand holding a smartphone with video doorbell security feed showing

Add Peace of Mind to Your Holiday Getaways with Reference Audio Video & Security’s Expertise

Winter in the Cedar Rapids region is lovely, with snow-covered streets, twinkling holiday lights, and the promise of a cozy getaway with some vacation time from the hubbub of the workplace and other responsibilities.

Whether you're planning a trip to the nearby Amana Colonies or venturing out of state, there's nothing like the fun and relaxation of an end-of-year vacation. But before you pack those bags and set your out-of-office email, have you thought about the safety of your home? With an upgraded security camera system, your Iowa home is in good hands thanks to the expertise of the Reference Audio Video & Security team. Keep reading to learn how to keep your property secure this holiday season and year-round!

Want to Live Stream Church Services? You Need an AV System Upgrade


Six Tips for Live Streaming and Improved Communication With At-Home Audiences

Over the past few years, live-streamed church services have become more popular. These online service offerings connect those at home with in-person attendees in exciting new ways. 

Live streaming has genuinely transformed how churches reach new and existing parishioners, but if the quality of the virtual event is less than ideal, there’s a risk of losing viewers and future in-person worshippers. Sharing a clear and crisp audiovisual production of your church service is essential for clear communication and building stronger connections.

Continue reading to explore tips for improving live-streamed productions with church AV solutions for your Des Moines, IA, house of worship.

Your Home, Your Oasis: Crafting a Smarter Space

Modern living room with home automation

How Home Automation Can Elevate Your Lifestyle

Picture this: You wake up in the morning, and your home knows how to craft your perfect day. It isn’t sci-fi—it’s the reality of modern living, thanks to home automation. Homes are becoming more than static places to live; they are evolving into intelligent sanctuaries that respond and adapt to your lifestyle.

But what exactly does this mean, and how is it changing how homeowners experience their homes? Let's delve into the world of smart home automation and discover how it's crafting more ingenious spaces and enhancing lives in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Strike a Balance: How Motorized Blinds Create a More Comfortable Work Environment


Lutron Shades Provide a Modern Solution to Age-Old Office Complaints

As the morning sunlight floods your office, the morning chatter begins. While some employees enjoy the warmth of the sun’s energy, others begin to struggle with its glare on their screens. It's in moments like these that leaders should start to look for solutions. How can everyone simply be comfortable in your office environment?

Modern technology delivered by Reference Audio Video & Security can help. Move past window treatments that require manual adjustment to install motorized blinds from Lutron that help strike the perfect balance between natural light and troublesome glares. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of motorized blinds for your commercial office in Iowa City, IA.

Discover the Brilliance of Multi-Room Audio

An open-concept home with in-ceiling speakers.

Bring High-Resolution Music to Every Room!

Imagine waking to your favorite streaming playlist streaming softly throughout the bedroom. As you head to the kitchen to grab a bite and a cup of coffee, the music follows you, bringing crystal-clear, detailed audio from an unseen source.

Later, when you return home after a long workday, you walk into a home playing soft, relaxing melodies. When you join the family for a movie, the sound surrounds you, immersing you in the action.

With a multi-room audio system, this and so much more is possible. These speaker setups bring high-resolution music, TV audio, and more to every room of your Iowa property. Thanks to today's hidden AV technology, you retain a beautiful, uncluttered aesthetic, and thanks to automated technology, you enjoy effortless AV control. 

If you’re ready to transform your entertainment in the Quad Cities with speaker options that hide in plain sight, keep reading to learn more!

How Access Points Can Impact Business Operations

Employees gather on a Monday morning without stressing about network access.

Rely on Our Commercial Networking Solutions Like Employees Rely on You

Today’s businesses thrive on a network that’s reliable and fast. We know how important it is that your business can operate without thinking twice about networking concerns. To achieve this peace of mind, we recommend commercial-grade networking access points and an expert team to rely on, like our team at Reference Audio Video & Security. Continue reading to learn more about commercial-grade access points and why they’re the networking solution your Des Moines, IA, business should have to best serve your employees and customers.


A casual home theater with brown seating and a screen depicting The Avengers.


Are you considering upgrading your home entertainment? With so many high-performance audio-video manufacturers entering the home market, it can be difficult to know where to start! From surround sound systems to the latest home theater projectors and 8K QLED TVs, the options are nearly limitless.

And that’s where we come in. At Reference Audio Video & Security, we’ve developed a reputation as a trusted source for home entertainment and automation in the Davenport, IA, area. We're not here to sell you the latest high-tech gizmo. We’re here to ensure you experience the best in audio, video, and smart technology, making every day easier and more enjoyable!

To accomplish this, we partner with numerous industry-leading brands with the same intentions—helping you enjoy life a little more while sharing incredible experiences with your family. One of those brands, Epson, is the number-one selling projector brand worldwide. 

In 2022, they redefined the home theater experience with their LS12000 projector. Let’s explore what it brings to the table and if this may be the upgrade you’re looking for. 


 surveillance camera mounted in a shopping mall walkway


Ensuring the safety of your business is paramount in today’s fast-paced world. But how can you be certain you're utilizing the best commercial security solutions available on the market? Our region is home to a wide variety of businesses, but your Cedar Rapids, IA, company is one of them and has unique security needs. 

In our blog below, let's delve into the advanced security technologies that can help protect your property, streamline daily operations, and add peace of mind. Keep scrolling to read more.


motorized shades partially closed in a high-rise apartment’s living room


As a homeowner, you're always looking for ways to improve your living space in Davenport, IA, or the surrounding areas. One lifestyle upgrade that's gaining popularity is motorized shades. 

These innovative window treatments offer more than just convenience too. They significantly enhance the ambiance of a room with the simple tap of a button or a pre-scheduled automation routine! Read below to discover three essential benefits of this automated shading solution and have a look at them in action. 

Unleashing the Power of Control4 Smart Home Control

wall-mounted TV above a fireplace in a living room that has a Control4 music interface showing

Discover a Compelling Alternative to DIY Solutions and Too Many Apps

As technology continues to transform the modern home, the concept of a smart home has become increasingly popular. While DIY solutions from big box retailers might seem appealing at first glance, the truth is that they often fall short in terms of functionality, integration, and convenience. 

That's where Control4 smart home control comes in. In this blog, we’ll delve into why our clients in Cedar Rapids, IA, and beyond enjoy their Control4 smart home system, and we’ll cover why a comprehensive design and installation by a professional team like Reference Audio Video & Security is a superior choice.

Discover the Art of Conference Room Technology

Room of employees in a conference room with video conferencing on the display screen at front of room

Total Room Control & Enhanced Productivity Await Your Staff Members 

If you run a business, you’re aware of the constant battle for productivity each and every day. Not only are you and your employees striving for improved performance and efficiency, but boosting employee morale is also a bonus. If you’re still double-booking meeting spaces or struggling to find a streamlined presentation space within your Davenport, IA, business, it’s time to reconsider your existing conference room technology.

Keep reading to discover three of our corporate clients’ favorite AV enhancements.

Transform Everyday Living with Lutron Lighting

Lutron lighting and motorized shades in a connected kitchen and living room.

Experience the Power & Beauty of Personalized Lighting

Joel Spira, a young physicist, invented the first solid-state dimmer that could replace a light switch. That was in 1959 and led the way to Lutron Electronics. Now, over 60 years and numerous innovations and patents later, the brand has transformed lighting control and leads the market on a global scale. Today, you can find Lutron lighting systems in the New York Times building, the Orange County Convention Center, and the Guggenheim Museum. 

You can also find it in homes in Des Moines, IA. Let's explore how this lighting system transforms homes and enhances everyday lives!

Invest in the Best Smart Security System for Your Home or Business

Photo of a laptop sitting open on a table, black and white security footage on the screen.

Discover Innovative Security Options from Reference Audio Video and Security

Does your Iowa City, IA, home or business desperately need an elevated security option? Fantastic! You've landed in the best place possible. 

The Reference Audio Video and Security team invites you to upgrade to the latest and greatest regarding a new smart security system, ensuring the safety of your home and business via various advanced components. Keep reading to discover what our most recent security solutions have in store for you!

Take Control with Voice Control!

Closeup of a wall-mounted voice interface. Gives You Control Over Your Home, Leading to a Smarter, More Efficient Lifestyle

Have you ever wished you could talk to your smart home in Cedar Rapids, IA? With a voice control system, you can, and the technology integrators at Reference Audio Video & Security will install it for you!

Read on to learn more about voice control, what it brings to your life, and how it integrates with smart devices to give you unparalleled control over your home. 

Achieve Incredible AV with Home Theater Receivers

A dimly lit home theater setup

Upgrade Your Home Theater Setup with These Additions for a Complete Cinematic Experience 

Nothing beats watching your favorite movies and TV shows in high-definition in the comfort of your own home cinema. The same comfy theater seats and high-quality video and audio, but without the hassle of a crowd—what’s not to love? But your home theater setup might not be giving you the best cinematic experience possible.

Simply having a projector paired with a set of speakers isn’t enough to unlock the true potential of a home cinema. Adding home theater receivers takes the movie-watching experience to the next level. 

From creating surround sound to upscaling content to higher resolutions, AV receivers can make all the difference in helping you unlock incredible visuals and sound. And, of course, having high-performance speakers will make the experience that much more immersive. Let’s look at some of the latest additions you can make to your Davenport, IA, home to enhance your home theater setup. 

Elevate Your Listening Experiences with Sonance Invisible Speakers

A dining room with Sonance invisible speakers installed in the ceiling.

A Sleek and Stylish Addition to Any Room in Your Home

Homeowners that love high-quality audio may be interested in finding portable speaker options that don’t take up a lot of space or interfere with stylish décor. In addition, whole-home audio solutions are the perfect choice for music enthusiasts that want to tune in to their favorite songs while working or relaxing throughout their homes.

Sonance takes whole-home audio experiences to the next level with its Invisible Series. These innovative speakers are constructed to deliver fantastic audio without any visual distractions. The sounds of Sonance seem to appear from nowhere yet offer an incredible audio experience.

Continue reading below to learn what makes the Sonance Invisible speakers unique and why they may be the ideal solution for your Des Moines, IA, whole-home audio system.


Beautiful outdoor patio with couches and an elaborate audio video setup.


As the days grow longer and the nights (eventually) warmer, it's time to start thinking about preparing your Davenport, IA, outdoor space for spring and summer. From extravagant patios to an understated deck with a view, an outdoor audio system can turn your external gathering areas into an extended living space that’s just as comfortable and enjoyable as the interior of your home. 

Reference Audio, Video & Security (AVS) will gladly help you transform your outside areas into so much more than a breezy place to sip your morning cup of coffee. Keep reading to discover how audio solutions will enrich your lifestyle and elevate your outdoor experience!

The Benefits of an Automated Commercial AV System

Four people inside a meeting room featuring a large TV display.  

Optimize Client & Employee Engagement with New Conference Room Solutions

There is no denying that the last several years have profoundly impacted how we connect with each other. A voice call is no longer enough. From clients to employees, the standards for engaging with and sharing high-quality content are now higher than ever. 

At Reference Audio Video & Security, we are the leading commercial audio video integrator serving Cedar Rapids, IA, and the surrounding areas. We strive to design and install AV systems tailored to your unique business needs and streamline your daily operations.

Read below to discover how automation and commercial AV upgrades can lead your team to higher efficiency, better performance, and optimal engagement, regardless of your industry. 

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