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Elevate Your Listening Experiences with Sonance Invisible Speakers

A dining room with Sonance invisible speakers installed in the ceiling.

A Sleek and Stylish Addition to Any Room in Your Home

Homeowners that love high-quality audio may be interested in finding portable speaker options that don’t take up a lot of space or interfere with stylish décor. In addition, whole-home audio solutions are the perfect choice for music enthusiasts that want to tune in to their favorite songs while working or relaxing throughout their homes.

Sonance takes whole-home audio experiences to the next level with its Invisible Series. These innovative speakers are constructed to deliver fantastic audio without any visual distractions. The sounds of Sonance seem to appear from nowhere yet offer an incredible audio experience.

Continue reading below to learn what makes the Sonance Invisible speakers unique and why they may be the ideal solution for your Des Moines, IA, whole-home audio system.

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Beautiful outdoor patio with couches and an elaborate audio video setup.


As the days grow longer and the nights (eventually) warmer, it's time to start thinking about preparing your Davenport, IA, outdoor space for spring and summer. From extravagant patios to an understated deck with a view, an outdoor audio system can turn your external gathering areas into an extended living space that’s just as comfortable and enjoyable as the interior of your home. 

Reference Audio, Video & Security (AVS) will gladly help you transform your outside areas into so much more than a breezy place to sip your morning cup of coffee. Keep reading to discover how audio solutions will enrich your lifestyle and elevate your outdoor experience!

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The Benefits of an Automated Commercial AV System

Four people inside a meeting room featuring a large TV display.  

Optimize Client & Employee Engagement with New Conference Room Solutions

There is no denying that the last several years have profoundly impacted how we connect with each other. A voice call is no longer enough. From clients to employees, the standards for engaging with and sharing high-quality content are now higher than ever. 

At Reference Audio Video & Security, we are the leading commercial audio video integrator serving Cedar Rapids, IA, and the surrounding areas. We strive to design and install AV systems tailored to your unique business needs and streamline your daily operations.

Read below to discover how automation and commercial AV upgrades can lead your team to higher efficiency, better performance, and optimal engagement, regardless of your industry. 

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The Remarkable World of Smart Home Lighting Control

An engraved Lutron keypad on a home’s wall.

Enjoy Effortless Living with Today’s Technology

Did you know that the light switch was invented over 100 years ago? And, yet, we still use it to control the lights in our homes. Can you imagine if we were still watching the same TV that was first invented in 1927? The images would be faint, blurred, black and white, and coming from a big, bulky, box-like contraption. 

In essence, that's what it's like to still use a light switch in your Des Moines, IA, home. 

Today’s smart home lighting control consists of elegant custom-engraved keypads, beautiful touchscreens, handheld remotes, and your voice. But wait, it gets even better. Your lighting can also automatically respond with no effort on your part. Walk into a room, and the lights turn on. After everyone leaves, they turn off. You wake to lights the color of the rising sun and watch them transform throughout the day, settling into the shades of the setting sun at day’s end. 

Today’s lighting control systems offer beauty, elegance, enhanced well-being, and convenience. It's clear that if you're still controlling your lights with a switch on the wall, it's time for a change. Let’s explore the many options in today’s lighting control systems.

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Home Theater Design that Offers a Cinematic Experience

A large home movie theater with acoustic paneling, a sectional, and Screen Innovations Zero Edge screen.

Bring Movies to Life with Immersive Audio and Images

Movies are made to move us, stirring up our emotions and altering our perceptions. They also take us to places we've never been, from high up on the tallest mountain peaks to deep within the ocean's mysterious depths. A good movie entertains us; a great movie affects us, leaving us feeling and thinking differently.

Do you remember how it feels when you leave a high-end movie theater that’s engaged your senses for several hours? If it’s done its job, you feel a little disoriented, like you need to regain your equilibrium and return to earth, especially before you drive anywhere! This sense of realism was accomplished by the big screen with the lifelike images and surround sound that enveloped you.

The good news is that, with today’s audio-video technology, that type of experience is available for your home. At Reference Audio Video & Security, we partner with brands that remain on the cutting edge of technology, delivering the sound and images that were once only available in the finest cinemas. 

Let’s explore the possibilities in today’s home theater design and what it offers homeowners in Quad Cities, IA. 

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Motorized Shades Can Enhance Any Room in Your Home

Motorized shades protect furnishings in a dining room.

Simplify Living and Protect Your Furnishings with Automation

Homeowners who invest in smart technology rave about how automated devices have simplified their lives. Although sometimes overlooked, motorized shades are a part of the smart home family and provide excellent value by protecting your furnishings from sun damage and lowering utility bills. 

Motorized shades also benefit those who physically struggle to open and close heavy curtains or blinds, those who are tired of untangling cords, or those who get disrupted by the sun’s glare throughout the day. Continue reading to learn how motorized shades can simplify living in your Iowa City, IA, home.

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The Daily Delights of a Home AV System

A media room featuring a Sony ES ceiling-mounted projector and screen. 

What to Expect from a Professional Audio-Video Installation and Integration

It’s the weekend, and you have decided to spend the day at home. Rest, entertainment for the whole family, and a bit of alone time relaxing in the backyard are all on the menu. Good thing you had the folks at Reference Audio Video & Security help with your audio-video installation and design. Your smart home is ready for you. Every technology is standing by. All it takes is one tap on your smartphone or control interface, and you are good to go! But exactly what should you expect from your state-of-the-art AV system? 

Read on to learn how a professionally installed audio-video system gives you and your family plenty of entertainment options next time you spend a day or a whole weekend relaxing at your home in Des Moines, IA.

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The Day-to-Day Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

Closeup of a ceiling-mounted IC Realtime low profile dome camera. 

Live Through a Day in the Life of Your Smart Home to Learn Why Home Security Matters

Life and work often involve a lot of traveling. A home security system is the best way to keep your peace of mind while you are away. That’s why Reference Audio Video & Security offers our clients in Cedar Rapids, IA, all the latest security products and technology systems. And it isn’t just store-bought cameras and alarms we are talking about. We work with architects and custom builders to create comprehensive, total-home, and design-oriented solutions. 

To give you an idea of our state-of-the-art security products and technology systems, here is a brief overview of a day in the life of your smart home. 

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3 Reasons to Start Using Digital Signage Displays

A retail clothing store with a digital signage display on the wall.

A New Way to Attract Customers & Share Business Information 

Video walls and digital signage are no longer only found in places like Times Square. Businesses of all kinds, from museums to universities to office buildings to churches, are using digital signage displays in Des Moines, IA, to delight and inform all visitors who walk inside. 

Digital screens are more prevalent than ever in our modern age, and people are accustomed to looking to screens for information and guidance. If you’re unsure if your commercial space could benefit from or “really needs” digital signage, read on to imagine what a day in the life will be like with this AV solution. 

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Experience High-End Audio Throughout Your Home and Yard

A living area with a couch and one Paradigm floorstanding speaker.

Paradigm Offers High-Performance Speakers for Home Theaters, Outdoor Areas, and Whole-Home Audio

For many of us, the first thing we do when we wake up is turn on our favorite playlist or watch our local newscaster report the day’s events. As our day continues, we may listen to more music, check out our afternoon podcast, or watch our favorite series. When you think about it, there’s rarely a minute that goes by that we’re not listening to something, whether music, broadcasts, or movies. 

You’ll find the fortunate few who’ve committed to the best audio available in a designated listening room with high-end audio. They're soaking in the soundstage, experiencing the music as if they’re at a live concert or recording studio. For the rest of us mere mortals, we’re streaming music from our smartphones and bringing our Bluetooth speakers out to the backyard when we gather for a barbeque. 

But what if you could experience high-fidelity audio throughout your home? At Reference Audio Video & Security, we specialize in integrating high-performance audio and video technology with smart home automation, creating an environment that’s enjoyable and effortless to control. To accomplish this, we partner with top AV and automation brands that remain on the cutting edge of technology. In audio, one of those brands is Paradigm. 

Let’s explore Paradigm speakers and what they offer homeowners in Davenport, IA.

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Maximize Productivity With a Natural Lighting Design For Your Office

Office space with natural light and automated shading adjusted for to protect from sun’s glare.

Reference Audio Video & Security Provides Commercial Lighting Services in Des Moines, IA

Did you know that harsh lighting in the office can impact your staff's mood, health, and productivity? It's true! Many studies have shown the impacts of office lighting on employees' wellness. 

Relying on dim or artificial lighting in the workspace leads to eye strain, headaches, drowsiness, and lack of focus. On the other hand, harsh fluorescent lighting can cause similar symptoms. The solution to the office place blues could be a new lighting design focusing on employee wellness.

Reference Audio Video & Security is your local Des Moines, IA source for commercial lighting services. Continue reading to learn about natural lighting designs that can help improve mood and maximize productivity for your in-office teams.

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Explore the Latest High-End Audio-Visual Technologies

A living room with a Sony flat-screen TV above the fireplace.

Enjoy the Immersive Entertainment Experience with 77-Inch OLED TVs and Custom-Designed Soundbars

One of our clients’ favorite integrations is high-end audio-visual technologies. They want to experience the immersive, all-encompassing sound and video that takes them to another place in time, whether watching the latest blockbuster, a current Netflix series, or streaming their favorite playlist. 

As with smart home automation, AV technology is transforming and advancing at an incredible pace. 4K HDR plasma TVs morphed into OLED and QLED models. Tomorrow, there will undoubtedly be another advancement that promises better picture and sound quality. 

At Reference Audio Video & Security, we specialize in integrating high-performance audio-video systems and smart home automation, creating the best entertainment systems that are easy to use and enhance our clients’ daily lives. 

Let's look at the latest AV technology and how it's transforming homes in Quad Cities, IA. 

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Add Performance and Security to Your Business with Ruckus Networks


A Better-Built Infrastructure Keeps You Productive and Flexible 

Today's business requires secure and flexible connectivity, whether it is to provide services or improve productivity. To have this uncompromised support and communication, you need the expertise of a premier network installation company. 

While the essential components such as wireless routers, managed switches, and cabling are available from your consumer electronics store, that does not assure reliability. Our know-how and experience in installing Ruckus networks for high-performing businesses like yours will guarantee higher speeds and safer communication. 

Are you ready to step up your Cedar Rapids, IA company's data infrastructure? Keep reading to see how! 

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Bowers & Wilkins Offers Whole-Home Audio and Theater Solutions

A media room with a flat-screen TV, Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers, and a center speaker.

Bring High-Fidelity Sound Throughout Your Home with B&W Speakers and Sound Bars

At Reference Audio Video & Security, our goal is to enhance our clients’ everyday lives with the latest easy-to-use technology and high-performance audio and video solutions. A few popular solutions that combine home automation with the best AV equipment include whole-home audio, home theaters, and outdoor entertainment. And while we partner with many brands in these categories, one of our favorites for the ultimate in sound reproduction is Bowers & Wilkins speakers and sound systems.

Let’s explore what they offer and how they all combine to create the ultimate entertainment areas. 

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Enhance Your Living Spaces with a Professional Home Automation Installer

Sophisticated living room with high ceilings and glass wall looking out to the landscaped yard.

Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Working with a Premier AV Integrator 

Smart technology offers you the convenience and luxury of living spaces personalized to your lifestyle. Whether it is experiencing the thrill of a home theater or having the perfect temperature throughout the home, you need a certified home automation installer from the start. 

Rather than struggle with a piecemeal system or rely on over-the-counter IoT gadgets, you deserve an integrated whole-home platform. Partnering with a home automation installer like Reference Audio Video & Security furnishes you with an individualized, flexible, and comprehensive ecosystem focused on you. It’s a whole-home solution that simplifies your smart home experience! 

Do the possibilities for your Iowa City, IA Luxury home have you intrigued? Keep reading below to learn more. 

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Create a Safer Space with These Commercial Security Solutions

a black security camera installed on a commercial property

Remotely monitor, control, and protect your business wherever you are

Security is an essential component for all commercial spaces. However, simply installing a traditional lock-and-key system is not enough to maintain the safety of your business. Instead, you need advanced technologies that keep you updated, informed, and in control of your property all the time!

Fortunately, Reference Audio Video & Security offers a complete package of commercial security solutions guaranteed to protect your business in Cedar Rapids, IA, from all internal and external threats. Read on to find out what they are.

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3 Types of Digital Workspaces for Your Office

a woman carrying out a presentation in a conference room with people sitting in front of a large table

How to Improve Productivity, Communication, and Collaboration During Business Meetings and Presentations

Digital workspaces are vital to businesses, but what do they do exactly? Simply put, a digital workspace is an integrated technology framework that lets you manage and deliver data from desktops, apps, and other devices. Whether the data is stored in the cloud, a computer, or data centers, employees will have real-time access at all times. 

Reference Audio Video & Security can create an ideal space that’s convenient for employees and employers alike. Three main types of approaches can be taken to create a virtual workspace in your Des Moines, IA office. Read on to find out what they are. 

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Signs That It Is Time for a Home Audio Video Upgrade

A man and woman sit on a couch in a dimly lit room and watch a Star Wars movie

Our Experts Break Down When You Should Consider Upgrading Your Home Entertainment Setup

We are consuming more entertainment than ever at home. As Netflix creates high-budget originals and blockbusters are released straight to streaming, the appeal of having a high-end home audio-video setup is bigger than ever. Homeowners can enjoy the experience of a commercial cinema in the comfort of their home with big 4K displays and immersive surround sound systems.

But how do you know if it is time to make the leap to a home entertainment upgrade? Our experts break down the signs that your audio-video equipment might be outdated. Read on to discover whether it is time to upgrade your home audio-video setup in the Quad Cities, IA.

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How To Choose The Right Commercial AV System

A crowd of people watches a football game on a big screen TV at a sports bar

Enhance your restaurant or entertainment venue with an audio-video installation

Business owners have a lot on their plates, from owners of local sports bars to fine dining establishments. However, one important thing often forgotten is creating the perfect environment to set the right mood and attract new customers to a space. An audio-video system is a fantastic way to do this!

If you are considering upgrading your commercial space and entertainment venue, you must choose the right equipment. Discover three things you need to consider when installing a commercial AV system at your restaurant, bar, or entertainment venue in Iowa City, IA.

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How to Get the Best Home Lighting Control Experience

Home lighting control illuminating a kitchen in three ways: dim and warm, bright and warm, and bright and cool lights.

Choose Quality Light Fixtures & a Control System to Enhance Your Home’s Atmosphere 

Smart lights were once a revolutionary technology, but they’ve become increasingly popular as affordable smart bulbs hit the shelves in big box stores. Homeowners today can adjust the color and brightness of their LED lights right from their smartphone or with a handheld remote. 

But there are limitations to DIY smart lights, and many people don’t realize that without a lighting control system like Lutron, they’re selling themselves short. It’s like comparing a flip phone to a smartphone or a Nintendo 64 to today’s Nintendo Switch. Lighting control systems are much more sophisticated and can achieve more than off-the-shelf smart bulbs. 

In this article, we’ll dive into home lighting control and what makes professionally installed systems like Lutron so magical. Get inspired below for your Des Moines, IA home! 

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