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Commercial Audio Video: Making the Right Connections


Ensure Quality AV Signals Throughout Your Cedar Rapids, IA Business

Distributing commercial audio video throughout your business may seem like a no-brainer. AV has proven to influence the behavior of potential customers in a positive way. But not all systems are created equal – and yours could suffer if you don’t have the right wiring in place. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can enjoy reliable AV signals throughout your space, no matter the size. Read on to learn more.

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Integrating Wireless Solutions

In a small office or boutique, wireless solutions may be a smart choice. Particularly if you’re renting the space, an unobtrusive wireless audio system can transform the soundscape of the location and help influence the behaviors of your customers and staff. However, it should be noted that, while wireless is approaching the level of reliability that hardwired systems bring, it’s not quite there yet. While less invasive and sometimes cheaper, the signal is not quite as strong.

For music, you can stream high fidelity tracks to just about any area of the space. But if you want to stream video, as part of a digital signs or TV monitors, wireless will not be an effective solution. Though capable of 1080p signal, today’s customers expect crisp, 4K signal. That can put undue strain on your system, causing it to shut down.

Hardwired Systems

In most cases, for commercial use, a hardwired AV system is your best bet for achieving reliable signal day in and day out. Though if you’ve done some research, you probably know that HDMI offers limited range when it comes to distributing 4K signal and high fidelity audio. So does that mean you’ll have to stack your AV gear out for everyone to see?

Though HDMI offers limited range, it’s still perfect for small spaces. Able to distribute high bandwidth signals up to about 16 feet, you can easily wire a conference room or break room using nothing more than the HDMI cables you enjoy in your home. Plus, by upgrading to HDMI 2.0, you’ll have enough bandwidth to view uninterrupted 4K signals at any time.

In a larger space, distribution becomes more challenging. In those cases, you can invest in fiber-optic cabling. An integrator can run fiber-optic cables throughout your business, reaching lengths of up to 300 feet, and still provide full, reliable 4K video and hi-fi audio.

So why not just run fiber-optic cables throughout the space? They’re just not cost-effective in smaller areas – though they quickly pay for themselves in larger ones. Though while technology becomes cheaper every day, we could see a shift away from HDMI soon enough.

HDMI and Fiber-optic cabling aren’t the only ways you can enjoy full, high quality signal throughout your business space. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Reference AVS today!

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