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motorized shades partially closed in a high-rise apartment’s living room


As a homeowner, you're always looking for ways to improve your living space in Davenport, IA, or the surrounding areas. One lifestyle upgrade that's gaining popularity is motorized shades. 

These innovative window treatments offer more than just convenience too. They significantly enhance the ambiance of a room with the simple tap of a button or a pre-scheduled automation routine! Read below to discover three essential benefits of this automated shading solution and have a look at them in action. 

Motorized Shades Can Enhance Any Room in Your Home

Motorized shades protect furnishings in a dining room.

Simplify Living and Protect Your Furnishings with Automation

Homeowners who invest in smart technology rave about how automated devices have simplified their lives. Although sometimes overlooked, motorized shades are a part of the smart home family and provide excellent value by protecting your furnishings from sun damage and lowering utility bills. 

Motorized shades also benefit those who physically struggle to open and close heavy curtains or blinds, those who are tired of untangling cords, or those who get disrupted by the sun’s glare throughout the day. Continue reading to learn how motorized shades can simplify living in your Iowa City, IA, home.

Wake Up to Natural Light & Feel Better with Motorized Shades


Smart Technology to Start Your Day Off Right

You know the feeling—you’re curled up cozy in bed, dreaming, when suddenly you’re yanked into reality by your blaring alarm clock. You press snooze, only to be interrupted again eight minutes later. You feel tired, irritated, and force yourself to start another day working from home.

If this sounds like your morning routine, it may be time for a healthy change. Our circadian rhythms are regulated by light exposure, when we eat, and exercise. With smart lighting and motorized shades, you can influence the first factor, lighting, for a more comfortable living environment and better sleep.

Ready to feel more energized and rested in your Des Moines, IA home? Learn how motorized shades can help below.

Is Heat Leeching Out of Your Windows in Winter?


Most likely yes, but motorized shades can help.

If you live in Iowa City, you already are familiar with the challenges of winter.

The temperatures are beginning to drop, and even though Iowa hasn’t had much snow or cold yet this season, you are starting to feel the pains of keeping your home warm.

You may not even realize it, but your HVAC’s hard work all winter long is not as efficient as it could be. In fact, a lot of the heat pumped throughout your home promptly leaves it…through your windows.

Before the harsh reality of winter hits, you can prepare your residence so that it can retain heat and you can keep your energy consumption costs low.

How? You can use motorized shades throughout your home.

Below, we explain how motorized window treatments can warm up your residence in the winter and further explore how they can be a year-round part of your home.

Product Review: Lutron Gallery Collection


Is Lutron’s Revamped Motorized Shade Line Right for Your Home?

Lutron has been a leader in lighting control for decades, so it’s no surprise they’re also one of the premier motorized shades manufacturers in the world. Recently, they’ve revamped one of their most popular offerings: the gallery collection. This wide-ranging selection of fabrics promises to tie your room together. But does it do the trick? Find out below.

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