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Strike a Balance: How Motorized Blinds Create a More Comfortable Work Environment


Lutron Shades Provide a Modern Solution to Age-Old Office Complaints

As the morning sunlight floods your office, the morning chatter begins. While some employees enjoy the warmth of the sun’s energy, others begin to struggle with its glare on their screens. It's in moments like these that leaders should start to look for solutions. How can everyone simply be comfortable in your office environment?

Modern technology delivered by Reference Audio Video & Security can help. Move past window treatments that require manual adjustment to install motorized blinds from Lutron that help strike the perfect balance between natural light and troublesome glares. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of motorized blinds for your commercial office in Iowa City, IA.

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The Remarkable World of Smart Home Lighting Control

An engraved Lutron keypad on a home’s wall.

Enjoy Effortless Living with Today’s Technology

Did you know that the light switch was invented over 100 years ago? And, yet, we still use it to control the lights in our homes. Can you imagine if we were still watching the same TV that was first invented in 1927? The images would be faint, blurred, black and white, and coming from a big, bulky, box-like contraption. 

In essence, that's what it's like to still use a light switch in your Des Moines, IA, home. 

Today’s smart home lighting control consists of elegant custom-engraved keypads, beautiful touchscreens, handheld remotes, and your voice. But wait, it gets even better. Your lighting can also automatically respond with no effort on your part. Walk into a room, and the lights turn on. After everyone leaves, they turn off. You wake to lights the color of the rising sun and watch them transform throughout the day, settling into the shades of the setting sun at day’s end. 

Today’s lighting control systems offer beauty, elegance, enhanced well-being, and convenience. It's clear that if you're still controlling your lights with a switch on the wall, it's time for a change. Let’s explore the many options in today’s lighting control systems.

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How to Get the Best Home Lighting Control Experience

Home lighting control illuminating a kitchen in three ways: dim and warm, bright and warm, and bright and cool lights.

Choose Quality Light Fixtures & a Control System to Enhance Your Home’s Atmosphere 

Smart lights were once a revolutionary technology, but they’ve become increasingly popular as affordable smart bulbs hit the shelves in big box stores. Homeowners today can adjust the color and brightness of their LED lights right from their smartphone or with a handheld remote. 

But there are limitations to DIY smart lights, and many people don’t realize that without a lighting control system like Lutron, they’re selling themselves short. It’s like comparing a flip phone to a smartphone or a Nintendo 64 to today’s Nintendo Switch. Lighting control systems are much more sophisticated and can achieve more than off-the-shelf smart bulbs. 

In this article, we’ll dive into home lighting control and what makes professionally installed systems like Lutron so magical. Get inspired below for your Des Moines, IA home! 

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How a Smart Lighting Design Can Improve Daily Life


The Modern Approach to Lighting & Shading

Whether you’re moving into a new house, undergoing construction, or preparing for a home improvement project, smart lighting design can make a world of difference.

What do we mean by lighting design? We mean methodically installing lighting fixtures at multiple levels, letting you easily change light settings for various daily activities. And with smart lighting control and shading, you can customize the appearance of your lights as well as automate when shades raise and lower.

We design and install lighting systems that not only add beauty to Iowa homes, but make homeowners’ lives more convenient and streamlined. Discover the benefits of smart lighting and shading for your Coralville-area home below!

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Lutron Lighting Control: A Perfect Solution for Your Business


Light up Your Workspace With Smart Solutions

Integrating smart lighting into your Davenport, Iowa business space is a bright idea. Not only can you make your workplace more productive, but you can save energy while doing it. And there’s simply no better way to take advantage of integrated fixtures than with a Lutron lighting control system. In this blog, we’ll explore why Lutron offers the best solutions for taking advantage of the lights in your office, restaurant or other workplace. Read on to learn more.

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