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What to Know about Home Security and Surveillance

How to Decide What You Need

What to Know about Home Security and Surveillance

How do you know you need a surveillance system? You may have many reasons, and ultimately, the decision is about being is about staying on top of any situation that may arise at your home and protecting your family and property. 

Some questions you may want to ask as you consider a home security and surveillance system for your Cedar Rapids property:

  1. 1. Do I need to keep track of when my kids get home from school?

  1. 2. Do I have an elderly relative that I may want to check in on throughout the day?

  1. 3. Do I have a pet that I want to ensure is not getting into trouble at home?

  1. 4. Do I feel safe with the large dark areas of my property at night?

  1. 5. Do I need to keep an eye on all the outside entries to my house? 

  1. 6. Do I want to see who is at my gate before I let them in?

There are more considerations you may have, and maybe they are particular to your family or property. But if a number of these are concerns, then you should look into a surveillance system to enhance your home’s security. Read on to learn what to look for. 

How to Design the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Combine the Right Environment with High-Performance AV Equipment

How to Design the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

As consumer audio and video technology continues to improve, homeowners can now enjoy cinematic experiences that even exceed those of commercial theaters. Not only is the quality often better, but there's the added relaxation of being in the comfort of home and on your schedule.

How can you ensure the home theater in your Davenport, IA, offers the ultimate viewing experience for your family? Everything from room dimensions to speaker layouts make a difference. Designing the ultimate theater is easy — if not simple — if you follow the steps and tips outlined below.

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Bring the Fun Outdoors with Top-Notch AV Solutions

Get Started on the Road to Outdoor Entertainment

Bring the Fun Outdoors with Top-Notch AV Solutions

Whether you want to upgrade existing outdoor entertainment areas or design some from scratch now is the perfect time. You want to get started before the warm weather hits so you are ready to take full advantage once it arrives! We'll help you elevate your backyard and patio areas with high-end audio and video features that will transform your summer get-togethers or parties. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various screens and speakers meant for outside spaces, and how you can create a unique outdoor entertainment space that delights and welcomes guests to your Urbandale, IA home.

Want to find out more? Just keep reading below!

3 Reasons You Should Work with a Local Security and Surveillance Company

Protect Your Property with the Help of Your Davenport Neighbors

3 Reasons You Should Work with a Local Security and Surveillance Company

Home security is essential. A property without a security system is up to 300 percent more likely to suffer a break-in, theft, or burglary. That’s a pretty alarming number. Invest in a security and surveillance company who you can trust to protect your family, friends, and valuables. 

Of course, you may recognize the names of some big brands you’ve seen on TV. But if you want a company that can offer personalized service, knows your neighborhood, and can respond quickly in an emergency, work with Reference AVS, a local professional. Here, we’ll break down three smart reasons to check out your neighborhood security dealer.