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Automating for Efficiency: Commercial Automation Solutions for Improved Business

Enhance the Way You Work in Your Rock Island, IL Company

Automating for Efficiency: Commercial Automation Solutions for Improved Business

Every commercial automation system boils down to one simple idea: your building should run more efficiently. No matter how complex the design, no matter if you’re working with a completely customized system, you should always be one touch away from achieving your goal. In this blog, we’ll talk about some smart tips you should watch out for when upgrading your technology. Read on to learn more. 

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Multiple Access Points

When working in any business, multiple people will need access to your system. There are a number of different options available. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Mounted wall panels: any member of the team has easy access to touch-panel displays mounted directly into the wall. Control temperature, lights, shades, AV and more directly from a single, easy-to-find place in each room.
  • Mobile devices: for staffers who have to move around, mobile devices are the perfect way to control the system on the go. This could mean easy access to security and surveillance systems for the night watchman or instant control over comfort settings for wait staff.
  • PC: For business owners who want to stay in complete control of their system, you can set up the interface on a PC. Get instant activity updates and monitor energy usage efficiently, so you can make decisions more effectively.

Single Rack

While your system should be easy to access from just about anywhere in your building, all of your technology should exist in a central hub for efficient repair. When your integrator is done racking all of your sources, he should be able to return at a later date and fix any problems immediately. In fact, the best integrators will rack their systems so clearly that, if they’re replaced, the next person you work with should figure it out without a problem.


Though many business owners are tempted by the idea of wireless technology, few find it to be as efficient and reliable as hardwired systems. Wireless often comes with a smaller initial investment that balloons greatly over time. Hardwired systems rarely need repair, and they offer consistent quality for years.

There are plenty of ways to ensure your hardwired system works well, but the most common problem is bandwidth. Many business owners don’t realize that when adding upgraded technology like 4K displays to their company, they also need to replace the cords for a strong signal. Your integrator can determine the proper wiring needed that includes a mix of HDMI and fiber optic cables.

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