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Control in the Hands of the Homeowner

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Control in the Hands of the Homeowner

The rapid pace at which technology evolves has made it challenging to keep up with the latest operating system, newest device and version two-point-whatever. The result of so much technological advancement is that we’ve come to expect a streamlined user experience that facilitates intuitive control with no industry jargon or needless buttons. Control4, a leader in smart home automation technology, provides Dallas County, Iowa residents with seamless control of the technology in their home. Read on to learn about some of the different control devices as well as watch demonstration videos on how to personalize your lights, program your thermostat and use Pandora.

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While most automation systems are programmed to adjust the lights, thermostat and shades at a certain time during the day, a user interface (UI) provides homeowners the freedom to make changes however and whenever they want. That is why the UI is one of the most important components of your Control4 system. It’s the piece of technology that you’ll touch and use every day. Let’s review of few of the UI devices available from Control4. It’s important to note that no one UI is better than the other; rather each user interface provides unique capabilities and features to meet the homeowners’ needs.

In-wall Touch Screens

Like a tablet, but sleeker, the Control4 in-wall touch screens provide homeowners with a device dedicated to their smart home automation system. The responsive screen is quite elegant, featuring a flush-mount design and high-resolution graphics. Choose from two colors, either black or white and available in 7” and 10” versions.

  • Easily browse your music playlists and display album artwork
  • See who is at the door using the video intercom or check in on your sleeping baby 
  • Provides dedicated control over all the features of your smart home


Tabletop Touch Screens

Similar in look and feel to the in-wall screens, the tabletop version has one distinct advantage, it’s portable. With ease, homeowners can take the device from room-to-room giving them control of all the technology in their home. The new tablet design features high-resolution graphics and is available in 7” and 10” displays.

  • HD video intercom capabilities allow homeowners to communicate from room-to-room and with guests at the door
  • Personalize lighting and browse music playlists

Control4 App for Your Smartphone or Tablet

One of the trendiest user interfaces is the app. Download the Control4 app and turn your iPhone into the ultimate smart home command center. The app allows the homeowner to manage lights, thermostats, audio/video equipment and door locks.

  • Connect to your Control4 system from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Use an Apple watch to control lighting, temperature, security and more

Already have a Control4 system? Watch our demo videos and learn how to personalize the various features of your home.


Wireless Keypads and Handheld Remotes

While keypads and remotes may lack a sleek screen, they are still widely used in smart home automation applications. These devices are simple and good for straightforward commands such as turning on a group of lights, open a wall of shades or turning on the A/V gear in a media room

  • Keypads include between one and six LED backlit, engraved buttons in different combinations
  • Declutter your coffee table and replace all those unsightly remotes with on that controls it all

Ready to transform the way you use your home? Contact us to find out how easy it can be to add smart technology to your house.