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3 Types of Digital Workspaces for Your Office

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How to Improve Productivity, Communication, and Collaboration During Business Meetings and Presentations

Digital workspaces are vital to businesses, but what do they do exactly? Simply put, a digital workspace is an integrated technology framework that lets you manage and deliver data from desktops, apps, and other devices. Whether the data is stored in the cloud, a computer, or data centers, employees will have real-time access at all times. 

Reference Audio Video & Security can create an ideal space that’s convenient for employees and employers alike. Three main types of approaches can be taken to create a virtual workspace in your Des Moines, IA office. Read on to find out what they are. 


1. Bring Your Own Device 

The Bring Your Own Device or BYOD approach is perhaps the most common when it comes to creating virtual workspaces. All employees attending the meeting bring their own laptops or phones. These devices are connected to other essential devices via HDMI, USB, or Wi-Fi.

The video conferencing room already contains cameras, microphones, and speakers. Generally, a web-based conferencing client is used to host video conferences. However, if other platforms, such as Zoom are to be used, each individual employee must install and update the required software on their PC. While it may seem like a viable solution, this system requires everyone to do their job perfectly. So, sometimes troubleshooting is involved, which can consume more time. 

2. Dedicated Room PCs

A better option is to opt for dedicated room PCs, especially if your company’s IT department is overtaxed from fixing issues in the BYOD model. 

In this case, PCs are permanently installed in the meeting rooms with a wireless mouse and keyboard. It eliminates the need to set up the PCs and plugging in HDMI cables or USBs. But launching meetings still requires human effort, and in some cases, the wait time can increase as the workers have to locate and launch meetings from calendars or emails. Plus, there can be an issue with the wireless devices regarding signal interference or drained batteries. 

3. Microsoft Teams Room

The Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) is the ultimate solution to add to meeting rooms. It comes with Microsoft-tested peripheral devices and has room-specific credentials. Moreover, the need for locating or launching meetings through an extensive process via calendars or emails is eliminated. 

Microsoft has its own calendar with listed meetings. A simple click on the touch-screen lets you start the meeting without plugging in wires, dealing with software issues, or logging in. Like the Dedicated Room PCs, the MTR also has a dedicated personal computer that may be Apple or Windows-based. 

Regardless of which video conferencing model you choose for your digital workspace, Reference Audio Video and Security can help you with the integrations. We will provide you with scalable technology that best matches the nature and capacity of your workplace. Start your project today by calling (888) 702-7800. You can also fill out an easy contact form for more details about our services. 

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