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Upgrade With Commercial Automation for a Smarter, Safer Business

Cedar Rapids Business Owners Benefit Big From Integrated Technology

Upgrade With Commercial Automation for a Smarter, Safer Business

If you’re looking to compete in a modern marketplace, upgrading your Cedar Rapids business with commercial automation is a no-brainer. Not only will you simplify operations and enhance the safety of your spaces, you’ll also lower many overhead costs. In this blog, we’ll show you where you can begin integrating technology to begin building a better business. Read on to learn more.

Enhancing Your Network

Before you can begin integrating automation technology, you’ll have to make sure your network can support it. Not only is the network the backbone for smart automation, it can also benefit your businesses in big ways.

Whether you’re in an office, retail space, restaurant or factory, access to your company’s network is fundamental. Make sure both hardwired and wireless connections are available to employees and secure important information with a virtual private network. The VPN will only allow access to authorized users, reducing potential threats.

Lastly, make sure your bandwidth is wide enough to support all devices including the computers and tablets that it currently supports, as well as the ones you intend to add in the future.

Integrating Your Lights

One of the best places to begin with a commercial automation system is with lighting control. Smart lighting can greatly reduce energy costs via simple controls and occupancy sensors.

How many times have you noticed the lights were left on in the conference room when no meeting had occurred? Or on an unoccupied floor? This wasted energy contributes greatly to your company’s overhead. Minimize waste with occupancy sensors that turn on lights when they detect movement and one-touch controls on your tablet or smartphone.

Bolstering Security

Another major gateway into smart automation is through the security system. Alarms, surveillance cameras and automated access control can help keep your business safe from harm at all times. And if they work together they can help you keep track of all of the activity in and around your building.

Provide each of your staff members with a personalized entry card or use their biometrics like fingerprints or retinas to know who is coming and going from any space you need to remain secure. Plus, you can integrate surveillance cameras that give you a 360 degree view of a given space so you won’t have blind spots.

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