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The Home Media Room Technologies You’ll Need for This Football Season

Turn Your Des Moines, IA Property Into the Ultimate NFL-Watching Destination

The Home Media Room Technologies You’ll Need for This Football Season

Football season is here and that means you have to get ready for the epic highs and dreadful lows of the ongoing drama that is the NFL. But you can’t do that with any old AV system – you’ll need to upgrade your entire Des Moines, IA home media room if you want to capture all of the action. Thankfully, we can help! We’ve put together this blog to show you what you’ll need to enjoy the game this year. Read on to learn more!

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Get a Big TV

One of the staples of any home media room is the big screen TV. In fact, you probably don’t need any blog to tell you that you’ll enjoy the game better on a huge, 85-inch screen. But you may not know about some of the technologies that help enhance your experience. Sure, 4K UHD has been a buzzword for a while, but that just means the image is more densely populated with pixels, so you can enjoy it from different viewing angles without trouble.

However, if you really want to see more detail, you need to invest in a TV display with high-dynamic range capabilities. HDR widens the gap between the brightest white and darkest black, introducing new gradients of each color in between. It helps enhance the detail of everything you see, so you can follow the pigskin no matter where it is on the field.

Additionally, high framerate technology is a must. Generally speaking, modern TVs play your programs at a digital facsimile of 24 frames per second – just like an old fashioned movie projector. But most sports games are shot in 60 fps, which helps reduce motion blur. Make sure you get a TV that can playback at a higher framerate so your display doesn’t blur during a major play.

Improved Audio 

Of course, a perfect picture is only part of the equation. If you want to recreate the stadium experience in your own home – minus the sunburn, rude fans and traffic – you’ll need a Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

Dolby offers immersive audio solutions for just about any space. By combining a typical 5.1 or bigger surround sound setup with overhead or up-firing speakers, an Atmos system creates a sphere of sound around the listeners that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

That means every touchdown, every flag and more will be fully audible in a realistic way. You can enjoy a fully immersive experience in the comfort of your own media room.

Are you ready to experience the fun and excitement of NFL season with a system optimized for epic viewing? Contact Reference AVS today for more information!