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Sound You Can Get Lost in: How Dolby Atmos Enhances Your Home Theater Installation

Immerse Yourself in Surround Sound Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Sound You Can Get Lost in: How Dolby Atmos Enhances Your Home Theater Installation

You don’t just watch movies; you get lost in them. Whether it’s a film you’ve seen a thousand times or a first-time viewing of a modern classic, you’re not sitting in a home theater, you’re there. A part of the action. But if you’re trying to get lost with a sound system in your home theater installation that can’t fully capture the magic of the moment, you’re going to end up just sitting in a room in Johnson County, IA. Dolby Atmos can make that magic happen. In this blog, we’ll show you how Dolby Atmos improves your viewing experience by enveloping you in the most realistic soundscape you’ve ever hear.

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The Dolby Atmos Difference

You’re probably familiar with the idea of a surround sound system. Speakers are placed around you and play inward toward the center. When you’re watching a movie, the sounds seem to come from the different directions, depending on where they take place on screen. It’s a relatively simple concept that has remained largely stagnant since the first home surround sound systems were introduced in the 1980’s. 

Dolby Atmos is different. The speakers that surround you remain, but there are a minimum of two additional units that hang overhead. All of the components work in tandem to create a much more immersive “3D” effect with your sound. You now have more than just width and depth; you have an element of height that was not possible a decade ago.

An added benefit of Atmos: your system doesn’t have to be huge to sound great. A small configuration of just 5.1.2 channels can transform any unused attic or basement into the home theater of your dreams. 

How Dolby Atmos Works

Integrating overhead speakers helps add an extra dimension to a movie’s soundtrack, but Atmos does more than that. It transforms the sounds into moving objects, so that they can travel around your space with ease. The resulting effect is nothing short of the most realistic sound experience you’ve ever had while watching a movie.

It all starts in the production phase: Atmos offers Hollywood sound editors a whole new way to incorporate audio in their movies. Before, the editor would have to add the sound and assign it to a particular channel, or speaker. That means each sound could only appear to move as one channel played and the next played after it.

Instead, Atmos mixing treats each sound as an individual object. That frees them up from channel-assignments and allows them to travel naturally from speaker to speaker. You can enjoy more detailed sound that flows throughout the room as though you’re there in the middle of the action.

Does Dolby Atmos sound like the perfect sound solution for your home theater installation? Contact Reference AVS today for more information!