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Smart Security for the Holiday Season

Enhance the Safety of Your Spaces With a Home Security System This Year

Smart Security for the Holiday Season

Another year, another holiday season. And that means you could be seeing some additional foot traffic around your Urbandale, IA property pretty soon. But with all of the comings and goings to look forward to, there’s also the increase risk of danger to your property. Thankfully, there are also plenty of home security system upgrades you can make to protect your property and your loved ones. Ready to learn how? Keep reading!

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Enhanced Surveillance Systems

You probably already know about smart surveillance cameras. They offer plenty of great features for protecting your home, including 4K resolution and 360-degree viewing angles. But you may not know about some of the other cool features you can enjoy. We’ve listed some below.

Motion Sensors: Your surveillance cameras don’t have to keep their eye on everything at all times. After all, that would be a lot of footage to sort through! Instead, you can integrate motion sensing technology that activates the devices when they’re most needed. You can even provide parameters so they don’t alert you every time your dog steps out to do his business in the yard.

Facial Recognition: Suspect someone of lurking around your home? Install facial recognition software that keeps track of individuals who approach your property. Receive push notifications when they’re spotted so you can keep your eye on any unusual activity.

System Integration: Don’t let your surveillance system do all of the heavy lifting alone. You can integrate it with other smart components including alarms, lighting and even your AV system so you can have an easier time protecting your property.

Environmental Sensors

Additionally, with all of the new faces in and around your home, you’re going to have to do more than just protect from potential burglary. If anything goes wrong in your home, you want to be the first to know – and you want to know immediately. Here are some security features you should make sure to invest in before the holiday season:

Fire Alarm: You know how it is: you’re cooking a Thanksgiving dinner and you’ve accidentally left the turkey in the oven too long. Now you have a potential danger and a ruined meal. While we can’t do anything about the dinner, an integrated fire alarm can help keep you safe. When it goes off, it doesn’t just alert everyone to get out of the house; it notifies the local fire department of the issue so they can spring into action quickly.

Carbon Detector: You never know when carbon monoxide will overwhelm your room. Especially if you’ve retrofitted a garage into a home theater or a guest room, integrating a carbon sensor is a smart idea. Combine it with your HVAC system to flush out any harmful gasses that may be in the space before they become an issue.

Flood Sensor: While you’re entertaining friends and family, you’re probably not scoping out potential leak zones. That’s no problem when you install flood sensors in your most leak-prone areas. They measure the moisture in the air around the room to tell you immediately when something goes wrong. That means you get to avoid costly damage and enjoy your holidays in peace.

Are you ready for a happier, healthier holiday season with these smart home security system features? Contact Reference AVS for more information!