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Lutron Lighting Control: A Perfect Solution for Your Business

Light up Your Workspace With Smart Solutions

Lutron Lighting Control: A Perfect Solution for Your Business

Integrating smart lighting into your Davenport, Iowa business space is a bright idea. Not only can you make your workplace more productive, but you can save energy while doing it. And there’s simply no better way to take advantage of integrated fixtures than with a Lutron lighting control system. In this blog, we’ll explore why Lutron offers the best solutions for taking advantage of the lights in your office, restaurant or other workplace. Read on to learn more.

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Intuitive Interface

Your employees spend most of their time doing their jobs, so there’s no reason they should have to waste some of it learning how to dim the lights. Lutron offers an easy-to-use interface that’s perfect for anyone’s skill level. With clearly marked, large digital buttons, anyone in your workplace can quickly and efficiently adjust the lights.

Lutron also offers multiple control panels. If you’d prefer not to use wall-mounted touchscreens, you can install hard button controls throughout the space. Moreover, you can even download the Lutron app onto any mobile device, so each of your staff members can have immediate access to the controls.

Easy Integration

As a leader in lighting control solutions, Lutron is well regarded among other smart technology brands. That’s why most of them make it easy to integrate with a larger smart system. That way, you can control everything from the lights to the AV and the security system with a single interface.

Even if you don’t have a smart control system installed, Lutron offers a wide variety of solutions. They offer LED lighting fixtures, smart shading and more so you can customize your system the way you want.

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Save Energy

Did you know that lighting alone accounts for up to 39 percent of your annual energy use? When you install more than one Lutron solution, the energy savings start to add up.

A total lighting solution should do more than make it easy to see. It can also increase productivity and reduce the amount of energy spent on HVAC. For instance, Lutron motorized shades can help reduce solar heat gain, which gives your air conditioning unit a break. Plus, daylight harvesting technology will help minimize the amount of artificial light your building uses in favor of natural sunlight.

If you want to learn more about Lutron products and how they can change your business, give Reference AVS a call today!