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How Does Home Security Help With the Holidays?

Protect Your Property and Your Family With Smart Solutions

How Does Home Security Help With the Holidays?

As the year begins to wind down and we make our way into the major winter and fall family holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the company of your loved ones in your Iowa City home. But with increased traffic around your property comes increased risk, which means you should consider enhancing your home security system this year. In this blog, we’ll show you some simple solutions to improving the safety of your spaces. Read on to learn more.

Surveillance Cameras

You may have an idea of surveillance cameras as big, clunky pieces of equipment that shoot grainy video and are only good for banks and other businesses. Actually, the opposite is true. Modern home security cameras are discreet devices that can be placed in any space, and they can shoot in resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD.

Contemporary cameras are able to capture more than ever before, with 360 degree viewing angles, native infrared and motion detectors that tell them when to activate. You can store the collected data on a remotely monitored server so you will always receive notifications and help when necessary.

Smart Entry Ways

With all of the new people coming in and out of your home this holiday season, you may also want to consider your door locks. Sure, you can keep a traditional deadbolt, but you can also upgrade to a smart lock and reap the benefits of a more secure household.

Smart entry systems give you control over who gets into your home and let you know exactly when they enter and leave. For years you could integrate a system that used keycards, but today’s systems allow you to use your own finger print or retinal scan to gain access. That way, you home is protected from unauthorized entry like never before.

You can also grant access to your guests – say, a relative in from out of town – by providing them with a temporary access code for your system. When they’re in the area, they can come and go as they please, but once they leave the code no longer works. It helps ensure the safety of your property by preventing the code from falling into the wrong hands.

Plus, you can receive push notifications on your smartphone or tablet every time the entry system is engaged, so you’ll always manage to keep track of the traffic going in and out of your home.

Are you ready to enjoy the added safety of a home security system? Contact us today!