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Automating Your Home Theater Installation: What Are the Benefits?

Get More Out of Your Private Cinema With Integrated Technology

Automating Your Home Theater Installation: What Are the Benefits?

When you think of a home theater installation, you probably imagine a big, beautiful screen and immersive audio surround sound. And those are definitely two of the most important parts. But there are other considerations to make when you’re thinking of investing in a private cinema; additional technology that will turn a simple movie-watching setup into the perfect place to enjoy your favorite films. In this blog, we’ll focus on some of the other aspects of home theaters, and how you can benefit from automating them. Read on for more.

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Controlling Ambient Light

Many home theaters exist in a basement or backroom with little to no extra light creeping in and ruining the picture. However, not every space has the exact lighting conditions optimal for your viewing pleasure. In those cases, you have to think strategically by integrating motorized shades.

Smart shading is a perfect solution for everything from adding privacy to your spaces to reducing energy costs. But in the case of your home theater, integrated shading can create the perfect environment for watching movies. When you’re ready to start a movie, one touch on your touchpanel device will start the projector, raise the sound and lower the shades.

Integrating Smart Lighting Solutions

It may seem funny to talk about integrated lighting after motorized shades, but smart lighting can really transform the way your home theater functions. From recessed fixtures in the ceiling to track lights along the floor and even colored LED illumination behind your screen, the lighting in your home theater makes all the difference.

Many homeowners don’t realize how important lighting is to their spaces. A standard lighting arrangement can easily ruin the experience of watching your favorite movies – not to mention the fact that you won’t feel like you’re in a theater at all.  By integrating your lights, you not only get simple, one touch controls over every fixture in the space, but you also get a lot more customizability options.

Think about this: with one touch you can dim the overhead lights throughout the space while raising the track lighting along the ground. Additionally, you can raise the lighting behind your screen to create a movie-enhancing glow. Lastly, the same controls will also command your shading and AV equipment as well.

So does automating your home theater installation sound like a good idea to you? Contact Reference Audio Video and Security today for more information!