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3 Easy Ways to Control Your Smart Home Automation System

Davenport Smart Homes Are Simpler Than Ever

3 Easy Ways to Control Your Smart Home Automation System

When some people hear the term “smart home automation,” they think of complex technology in every corner of their house. While they’re half right – smart systems require sophisticated technology – what they don’t realize is that these intricate pieces of equipment are designed to simplify their lifestyle, not make it more complicated. That’s why integrated technology is so easy to control. In this blog, we’ll break down how easy it is to take command of your system. Read on to learn more.

Using a Dedicated Device

Many homeowners love the convenience of a smart home system. In particular, they love that they can use a single, dedicated device to control all of their electronics with just one touch. Instead of a coffee table buried under a mountain of individual remote controls, there’s a single piece of gear that controls everything.

But even a single control device can be intimidating if you have to navigate a complex button scheme to get what you want. Of course, that’s the beauty of a dedicated smart home controller; you can customize it to your liking. Whether you choose a digital touch panel or a hard-button controller, you can program your system to react the way you want with just one touch. Custom controls are as simple as you need them to be.

Using a Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. You or a member of your family likely has one of these devices, and they probably don’t ever put them down. Smart home manufacturers like Control4 have taken notice, and that’s why they’ve come up with their dedicated app.

Smart home control apps are excellent for anyone who wants to control their system with the device in their pocket. Whether you love the convenience of commanding your entire home entertainment system from your couch or securing your property remotely, a smart home app will help. Plus, the interface is designed to look just like the one on your dedicated touch panel, so you won’t have to learn how to navigate anything new.

Using Your Voice

Dedicated controllers and smartphones are nice, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just tell your system what to do? In fact, you can. Voice control has become one of the most popular advances in smart home technology in recent months thanks to an unlikely source: Amazon.com.

The online retailer’s popular voice-control interface, dubbed Alexa, has been sweeping the smart home market since it was introduced. It’s become so popular lately that major smart home manufacturers like Control4 have begun integrating Alexa control into their systems. That means you can enjoy the convenience of your smart home just by saying the word.

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