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Do You Need a Home Networking Upgrade?


3 Signs That Your Network Needs a Boost

A home network is a necessity in the modern world. Whether you're looking up something on the web, the kids are doing school homework, or watching a show on Netflix, all of those activities are fully dependent on a robust network and internet connection. We may take that access for granted, but when it doesn’t work correctly, frustration quickly ensues.

Networking issues are often difficult to diagnose. Is it software or hardware? Is it your device or the network that isn't working correctly? Sometimes the quick restart of a device, app, or website can cure the problem. But if slowdowns and dropped connections happen often, it’s a sign of deeper issues.

How can you tell if your home networking is failing you in Urbandale, IA? Read on to find out.

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Slow Connections

If you are streaming video on Netflix or Amazon Video, do you experience stutters, freezes, or audio and video that get out of sync? The occasional problem happens but often disappears. If multiple devices experience these issues, perhaps your wireless network is to blame. If the issues occur over both wired and wireless connections, you may have problems with your router's capacity and reach.

One solution is to upgrade the router. Routers are special-purpose computers with memory, processors, and firmware/software, and newer ones have higher performance than older models. In addition, router speeds have increased with networks that can operate on multiple frequencies. But it doesn’t always solve wireless signal problems.

Weak Wireless Signals

Are there places in your house that have spotty wireless signals? Your device may connect to the network, but if you move a few feet in one direction, your signal goes away. Sometimes a router upgrade can fix these problems, with their improved range and speeds. Often, however, your router may be located in a suboptimal location for wireless performance because where the wiring connections were installed. For example, a central wiring closet may be on the lower level or one end of the house, which may not be the best location for the router to reach the entire house with a strong wireless signal. The solution may be in strategically located wireless access points can extend the wireless signal range, or a mesh network system which daisy-chains wireless access across your property.

The 4K Streaming Problem

Your video streaming was working fine until you upgraded your TVs and streaming services for 4K. Now when the kids are watching a 4K video on Netflix, and you are streaming a new 4K movie on iTunes, you start experiencing slowdowns, with buffering happening every few minutes as your network struggles to keep up. 4K video requires five times the bandwidth of standard high definition (1080P) video, and the problems tend to show up more when multiple devices are trying to do it at the same time. You may need a variety of upgrades, from a faster router to a faster internet connection with high data limits to better wireless access points.

Reference AVS can help diagnose any networking woes and set your home up with the high capacity, high-performance network it needs for today’s work and play. To get started, click here, click the chat box below, or call us at (877) 754-9111 to get in touch right away. We look forward to working with you.

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