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7 Times You’ll Use Motorized Shades in a Day


How Custom Roller Shades Combine Style & Smart Technology

You might not think much of roller shades, but they’ve come a long way in history! Decorative cloth and paper roller shades first appeared in 17th-century Holland, but it wasn’t until 1858 that a New York factory would begin mass-producing window shades  

Window blinds stayed relatively the same for more than a century until the 1980s, with the new concept of a “smart house.” Today, brands like Hunter Douglas and PowerShades produce sleek and stylish custom roller shades you can automate in one tap of a button with systems like Control4 and Crestron 

Our clients in Davenport, IA, love the convenience that smart blinds provide. Upgrading to motorized blinds is like going from hand-washing dishes to owning a dishwasherOnce you experience the difference, you’ll never go back to regular blinds.  

But you may be wondering, “Are motorized shades really necessary? We share below seven helpful ways smart shades will enhance your daily routine.  

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1. Wake Up with a Natural Alarm Clock  

There’s nothing like the morning sun to start your day off right. But since many people don’t want to sleep with the blinds up, they awaken to a stuffy, darkroom. Program your blinds to automatically rise at a predetermined time, or tap your phone app right from bed to let the sun in.  

2. Empty House? Create an Illusion of ‘Mockupancy’  

If your house will be vacant all day, use your Control4 or Crestron Home system to schedule shades to randomly raise and lower throughout the day. Sync them with interior and landscape lights, so it looks like someone is home, deterring any criminals from targeting your home.   

3. Perfect Home Office Lighting  

Natural sunlight is proven to boost our moods, so tap your smart home app and let the shades up! But if it’s mid-afternoon and the sun is beaming across your face during a Zoom call, you’ll just as quickly lower the blinds. Hunter Douglas’ Duolite shades filter harsh light while still providing an outdoor view, a smart solution for offices.  

4. Set the Scene for Dinner  

Enjoy golden hour to the fullest with every shade in the perfect placement. Smart control makes it easy to select each blind and raise and lower them accordingly, so there isn’t blinding sunlight in your eyes while you appreciate the sunset and enjoy a delicious meal. 

5. Total Darkness in the Home Theater  

To immerse yourself in your home theater or media room, you’ll need complete darkness. Projector screens look washed out with any ambient light produced from the sun, landscape lights outside, or lights in the hallway. Tell your voice assistant to lower the shades or tap your system app, and you’re all set for movie time.  

6. Quick Dress Change  

No one wants the neighbors to catch a glimpse of them getting dressed. But raising and lowering the shades can be such a hassle! Smart shades make it easy to quickly lower and then rise again, so you can still enjoy the view for the rest of your day or night.  

7. Goodnight Shades!  

When it’s time for bed, grant your entire house the privacy it deserves in one command. Tap “Goodnight” on your home app, and all your windows’ blinds lower or close in a blink of an eye.  

Find Custom Roller Shades in Iowa  

If you want to learn more about motorized shades and how they can brighten (or darken) your Davenport home, reach out to Reference Audio Video Security!  

You can contact our team here or chat with us in real-time below. We look forward to answering any questions you may have!  

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