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Articles tagged with: Smart Lighting

How Can An Integrated Security System Protect Your Home?

Use Smart Technology To Safeguard Your Des Moines Home

How Can An Integrated Security System Protect Your Home?

You've gone away for holiday vacation, and your home is unoccupied for two weeks. You want to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends, but your mind keeps straying back to your empty property, a target for criminals that prey on darkened homes. Luckily, smart home automation has made it easier than ever to quickly check in on your property while away, and you can gain peace of mind with an integrated security system that unites your smart devices to protect your home in different emergencies.

Keep reading to learn how integrated security technology can actively push criminals away while keeping you informed about what’s happening on your Des Moines property.

A Control4 Dealer Can Help You Get Ready For The Holidays

Discover How A Control4 Dealer Can Brighten The Holiday Season

A Control4 Dealer Can Help You Get Ready For The Holidays

Holiday parties are the ultimate showcase of your smart home automation system, giving you the opportunity to use all of its features to transform your space for different occasions.

You’ll wow dinner guests when you push a button and bathe your dining room in autumnal light while simultaneously turning on your speakers and starting your Thanksgiving playlist. Want to watch a Christmas movie? One button activates a setting that lowers your motorized blinds, dims your lights, and rolls down your projector screen to create an inviting home theater space.

Control4 is a leading name when it comes to smooth, intuitive, and comprehensive smart home automation systems, bringing all of your devices together in a single streamlined interface. Keep reading to learn how a Control4 dealer like Reference Audio Video & Security can help you achieve the perfect holiday atmosphere for your Johnson County home.

Discover How Control4 Sets the Scene in Your Home

Create the Perfect Ambiance for Your Scott County Home

Discover How Control4 Sets the Scene in Your Home

Smart home automation gives you one-touch control of all the smart devices in your home, and that connectivity introduces new opportunities to alter the atmosphere of your space depending on the occasion. A Control4 system allows you to set specific scenes, and with the push of a button, your smart home simultaneously adjusts your lighting, motorized window treatments, climate control, HVAC, and whole house audio and video.

With a Control4 installation from Reference Audio Video & Security, you have professionals handling all the wiring and programming, ensuring that your automated systems work together seamlessly so you can take full advantage of the scenes feature. Read on to find out how you can shape the ambiance of your Scott County home like never before with Control4 home automation.

Here’s How Smart Locks Help With Home Security

Protect Your Des Moines, IA Home Thoroughly With Integrated Locks

Here’s How Smart Locks Help With Home Security

Whether you’re leaving the house for an hour or you are going away on vacation, you probably lock your doors.

But the traditional key and lock combination has its drawbacks.

If you’re still using analog locks as part of your home security system, you could be missing out on a lot of the benefits integrated smart locks have to offer.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of those benefits, and how you can get the most out of your security system.

Want to learn more? Just keep reading.